Since Jan, having difficult time getting in touch with BCBS Customer service. On average the hold time is 45 minutes. The online submitted application was messed up on Name and Birth Date. Even the ID cards DID NOT arrive after policy became effective. Need to call 3-4 times to get ID cards. Still waiting for it.

Doctors suddenly disappeared from plans. Need to select new Doctor.

BCBS Website was NOT functioning. Could NOT register online. Could NOT pay premium online. Could NOT SEARCH doctors in network.

Overall VERY VERY BAD experience.

Customer service just reads what's in front of them. They don't understand or know, how to make things work.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #781629

I registered on healthcare.gov and paid the $809 for my first month. It was effectibve Feb.

1. It is now Feb. 3 and no card. I called for my member number and they told me it was not generated yet.

So I paid for insurance I cannot use. I asked for a re-imbursement for each day I did not have my member number, since I was paying for a service I could not use. I spent over two hours being transferred to four different people about the issue and it never got resolved. But hey, I got my bill today for my next $809 bill.

Are you serious cuz I was told to also prepay for any doctors bills since I had no card yet. I cannot afford the two $809 payments plus prepaying all my doctors bills. What a rip off!

Bye bye BCBS, I want a refund on the basis of FRAUD! :(

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #777643

Why don't you call Dear Leader for help. Remember, "if you like your health insurance....."

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